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Why am I seeing Craftsy ads on other sites?

Are you starting to notice Craftsy ads when you visit other sites? We're happy to clarify why that's happening.

There's a service called Google ads. Google ads "react" to the user, meaning if you visit Craftsy then visit another site that utilizes Google ads, you may see an advertisement for Craftsy on their site. We do not control what sites use Google ads, and seeing a Craftsy ad on another site that uses Google does not indicate an endorsement or partnership  between that site and Craftsy. The ads you see are based on your browsing/internet history.

If you're tired of seeing unwanted ads in other places, a great way to remedy that is by clearing your cache and cookies (stored memory). 

Our goal is to help folks all over the world master the crafts they're interested in which is why we use services like Google ads. This helps us reach out to potential crafters. 



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