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Designer Hub: What we're working on

Updated: 4/4/17

Thank you for all of your feedback and patience while we continue to improve Craftsy for our designers.  Below are some important notes about things we're working on and issues we've been addressing since our new site launch on 10/01.  

Please bookmark this article to check back for updates, which will be happening at least once a week. 

Pattern Sales

You are now able to see your all of your pattern sales in your Pattern Purchase History


The Dashboard tool is up and running with data from 10/1 moving forward. 

Editing Your Patterns:

We are aware that some designers are running into trouble editing an existing pattern. Our teams are actively looking into this issue, in the meantime, we recommend trying to edit your patterns within your "Manage My Patterns" Gallery instead of "My Dashboard." To do that, simply click on or copy and paste the link below into your browser and then edit your pattern.

If you're still unable to edit your patterns within the gallery above, please contact us and include a screen shot from within your account on the "Manage My Patterns" page. That will help us pinpoint exactly what's happening. 

Pattern Search-ability:

We know your pattern sales are very important. Our Engineers are hard at work improving our search tool everyday. Currently, the best way to ensure your pattern gets viewed is to make sure you've selected all the correct criteria within the editing process, i.e., "Knit," "Cowl," etc., so it appears in the filtered search when members are looking for new projects and inspiration. We know that some of our members were having issues getting their patterns to populate in these filtered galleries when the correct criteria was selected and this issue has been fixed. To ensure your patterns appear in the appropriate filtered galleries, our Engineers have requested that you head to: to edit each your patterns (don't worry, you don't actually need to change anything, you just need to open them as if you were going to edit) and save them again, and that will act as hard refresh to ensure they appear.