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How to Archive/Unarchive Classes & Patterns

Archiving allows you to easily organize your class and pattern purchases by hiding an item from view. Here's how you can manage your archived items: 

Full Site:

  • To archive or unarchive something in your Class Library or Pattern Library  click "Archive" or "Unarchive" beneath the class or pattern title. 

By Default, archived items will be hidden from your Libraries. To show them, select "Show Archived" on the bottom left panel:


On Mobile:

  • To show or hide archived items from your Class Library or Pattern Library > click on "Filter" on the top right > toggle "Hide Archived" on/off > Click Done 

Archiving is not currently available on the Craftsy Android app. To use archiving, visit your Class Library or Pattern Library from the full site. We look forward to making this feature available in the future!


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