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How to Archive/Unarchive Classes & Patterns

Using the Archive and Unarchive feature, you are able to easily manage and organize your class and pattern purchases! Archiving a class or pattern simply hides it from view in your library to clean things up a bit. You can always unarchive an item if you would like to access it again. 

From Our Full Site:

  • To Archive a class or pattern in your Class Library or Pattern Library that you’d like to shelve for a bit, simply click the Archive button directly beneath the class or pattern title. If you’d like your archived items hidden from your Class or Pattern Library until you are ready to enjoy them, be sure to click the “Hide Archived” button toward the bottom left of the designated library.
  • To Unarchive a class or pattern that you’d like to take off the shelf or revisit, select the "Show Archived" button toward the bottom left of the library, and click the Unarchive beneath the class or pattern title that you wish to show as active.


From Our Mobile Site, iOS App, & Android App (Patterns):

The process is nearly the same from a mobile device. The only difference in the process is switching from “Show Archived” and “Hide Archived” views, in which you must first click the “Sort & Filter” button located at the top right of your list of classes or patterns in your library.


Trying to Archive/Unarchive a Class on the Mobile App?

Please note that while Archived classes will remain hidden in the app, the Archive and Unarchive buttons are not currently available on our Android apps, and that in order to Archive/Unarchive while on a Android device you will need to either visit the website on your mobile device or the full site on a computer. We look forward to making this feature available in the Android app in the future.


Patterns Not Displaying Image or Title?

Don’t fret! If you see a pattern in your Pattern Library that does not display a pattern image or title, this means that the independent designer of this pattern removed it from his or her pattern store, prior to us moving over to our newly vamped site. Rest assured, you are still able to download and print these patterns, and we are working on getting an active image and title to go along with them so that they fit more neatly into your Pattern Library.