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How VAT and Tax Laws Affect Pattern Designer Sales

We want to make sure our designer’s have all of the information needed to ensure a seamless experience when selling within the Marketplace. 
As you may know Craftsy does not intervene at all in the transaction between you the designer and your customer. That means we take ZERO cuts from your sales. That also means we have no opportunity or obligation to calculate taxes for you. Therefore, designers are responsible for calculating and paying any and all required sales tax for their sales. This includes any EU VAT taxes as well as local and state taxes that you may be subject to as a result of your location. Any designers who sell patterns to customers in the EU are required to pay VAT taxes. You can learn more here. If you have further concerns about your compliance, please consult your attorney.
You can view all of your purchases/downloads and their location within your Pattern Purchase History
Some types of PayPal accounts may allow you to set geographical restrictions. If you would like to explore this option, you can find their help center here:
Note for Canadian Designers 
We are aware that Paypal has a feature that calculates tax and shipping rates for our Canadian designers. If you have used this in the past, due to restrictions with security settings, this service is no longer compatible with Craftsy. 
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