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How the Craftsy Pattern Marketplace Works

Patterns sold in the Craftsy Pattern Marketplace are all created and sold by independent designers from around the world. When you purchase a pattern on Craftsy you are directly supporting indie designers, as Craftsy takes absolutely no cut nor listing fee for patterns.

Nothing is physically mailed to you. Instead patterns are all digital PDFs and are provided to you instantly upon purchase within your Craftsy account. Your patterns will be available for you to download in your Craftsy account in your Pattern Library.

If you need help with a pattern or have questions, you can contact the designer directly - just go into your Pattern Library in your account and click on 'Contact' under the pattern to email the designer directly. As these patterns were designed and sold by indie designers and not Craftsy, the designer will be your best resource for all questions.

All payments for patterns will be made via PayPal. This ensure the designers are receiving the funds directly to their account right away.

Please note that in order to download a free pattern, you'll still need to add it to your cart and "Check Out." Not to worry! No funds will be taken, this process simply adds the pattern to your Pattern Library

Want to sell the goods you make from a pattern? That is up to the designer - check the pattern's sale page or the pattern itself for notes from the designer on the ability to sell the finished product or send them a message. Craftsy is not able to make this determination as it is up to the design owner.


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