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Android App: FAQs

How can I download the app?

The Craftsy App for Android can be downloaded directly from Google Play or from our apps page. Check out our app here! 

*Important Note: As of 6/1/17, Craftsy only supports versions 4.3 and up - if you do not update your app to the latest version, you will not be able to access Craftsy via the app moving forward.

What is available on the app?

Classes and supplies can be purchased on the app.  Patterns are only available for purchase on our full site.  Class materials are available for download by tapping on the icon of the piece of paper while viewing the class.  You can also view projects, take notes, and participate in class discussions. 

Where are my classes?

Whether you purchase classes on the app or the website, they will all be available in your account under your Class Library - tap Account along the bottom of the app, and then you’ll find Class Library on the left menu. There may be a slight delay in classes syncing across devices, but if you still don't see your classes after a couple of hours, contact our team and we're happy to help!

You'll also want to be sure that you don't have two Craftsy accounts - double check and make sure that the email you log in with is the same on all devices and computers.  If you think you may have two accounts, our Customer Support team can get you going in a flash - we'll just need to know the two email addresses and which one you'd like to use for Craftsy moving forward so we can merge everything together into one place. 

Why are the prices on the app different than the prices on the site?

Sale prices are not available for in-app purchases.  To take advantage of sale prices, head over to our full site at

What can I try if I'm having trouble using or watching classes on the app?

  • Make sure you have the most up to date version of the app. Open the Play Store app on your device and slide open the left menu.  Open your settings and find Auto-update Apps, follow the prompts to update! 
  • Close the app and restart it.  There are a few ways to do this.  Check out this helpful article for instructions on how to restart the app. 
  • Remove the app and re-download. For instructions on how to delete an app, see these helpful options from this article.  Once the app has been removed, go back into Google Play to re-download Craftsy. 

Can I watch classes offline?

Offline access is not available for Android devices.  Apple and Android devices operate differently; due to the complexities of the 3700+ Android devices, coupled with their removable memory chips, the option to offer offline viewing on Android devices is significantly more challenging to implement than for Apple devices - of which there are only a few dozen with closed-system programming and memory. Our developers are hard at work to determine whether Craftsy classes can be successfully and safely offered offline on Android devices, but for now, it continues to be streaming only.

In the event of any changes to this feature, we'll be sure to let our members know! We know there are many Android Craftsy members out there who would love this feature! 

How do I upload photos?

You temporarily won’t be able to upload photos to your class or upload new projects to our project gallery, but keep an eye out for updates!  This is a feature that we know is important to our members, so rest assured we’re working hard to get this functionality up and running again as soon as possible! If you’d like to share your progress with your instructor In the meantime, we recommend you upload your photos to an image sharing service online and then copy and paste the link to your images in the class discussion. If you need any other suggestions, feel free to contact us!




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