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How Craftsy Sales Work

Our promotions will be offered via email or through our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc). We also made the exciting transition to coupons! While we no longer use links for our sales, if you happen to see a sale link that may lead you back to our site, it’s likely the offer is no longer valid.

To activate your savings, it is necessary to copy and paste, or manually type in, a specific coupon code in your cart, to load that special discount at checkout.  Check out our article on coupons for more info on how those work on Craftsy!

What currency are the prices displayed?

By default, the prices on all Craftsy emails and promotions will be displayed in USD, as mentioned at the bottom of each email. While our offers are in USD, prices in your account will be reflected in your local currency, and any taxes or VAT fees will be built into the price.

When do your sales expire?

The expiration date for a sale can be found at the bottom of the promotional email, or will be noted on the promotion page or ad. All times are show in Mountain Time (MT).

Why aren't the sale prices showing in my mobile app?

In-app purchases are not eligible for sale prices.  Sales will only be reflected on our full site. 

Why aren't all classes on sale or discounted with a coupon? 

Sales, promotions and coupons can be applied to Craftsy classes--this excludes classes that are produced in partnership with The Great Courses®‎ This is noted at the bottom of every promotional email, and you'll see The Great Courses logo on the course title photo as well. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Startup Library classes are designed to deliver more comprehensive content for makers who are learning a brand new craft and can use extra care and direction from our expert instructors. Because they offer significantly more extensive content than normal-length Craftsy classes (most are 2-3 times longer!), Startup Library classes are set at a different value are also excluded from class sales. Again, we unfortunately are unable to make exceptions. 


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