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Viewing Classes on my TV

Craftsy is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring you your Craftsy classes! Read on to find out how you can stream to the big screen.


As long as you have a Chromecast and an Android device with the most up to date version of the Chrome Browser on it, you can enjoy Craftsy on your big screen. Just make sure that your Chromecast and Android device are connected to the same wi-fi connection.  We do not have a Chromecast App and cannot officially support technical issues you may experience viewing Craftsy via Chromecast, but if you watch your class through our full site on Chrome, you can cast it to your TV that way. 

Apple TV

As of 10/30/2015, the Craftsy app is now available on the new Apple TV (4th Generation)!  You will know if you have a 4th generation Apple TV if you have access to the app store to download new apps.

How to get started:

From your new 4th Generation Apple TV, you can find Craftsy in the app store (for free)  - just log into your account, or join for free, and enjoy the classes you've already racked up!  If your Apple TV was purchased prior to this date, you can still enjoy your Craftsy classes by choosing the Airplay option to stream from your Apple device to your TV.


If you aren't seeing your recent class purchases on your Apple TV app, there may be a delay in new purchases syncing across devices (i.e. from your computer to your TV, or visa versa).  If you don't see your classes within a couple of hours, please contact our team and we'll be happy to check it out!  

If you find that your class videos are not playing smoothly, or your encounter choppy or pixelated playback, please check your internet connection - Craftsy classes do require a strong internet connection to play properly.  

Finally, for more other technical difficulties, restarting the Craftsy app will usually do the trick!  You may also want to close out any other open apps that you are not currently using on your Apple TV.  To do so, double click the TV button on your remote to bring up all open apps.  Then, using the touchpad on your remote, swipe up until the app disappears from view.  To go back to your apps, simply click the TV button again.

For more information on troubleshooting or using your Apple TV, check out this article.

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