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How to Update/View My Information and Account Settings

How to Update My Information and Account Settings

Updating your information on Craftsy is easy as pie.  You can manage your account settings by clicking on your photo icon in the top right corner of your account, and select Personal Information from the drop down menu. By selecting the “edit” link on the right side of the screen you will be able to update your display name, change your email address and password.

Below are the links to each section of your Account Settings.  Please note that if you update something on your account, like your photo or display name, you may need to refresh your browser/mobile app to see it take effect everywhere, or try logging out and back in. 


How to update or remove my saved credit card:

If you need to update your saved credit card information, you can do so on your next purchase before you checkout.  Once you proceed to checkout in your shopping cart, you will see an option to edit your existing information or add a new card.  Credit cards cannot be updated or edited outside of the checkout process.


How to update my profile picture

  • You can update your Display Name and photo in your Personal Information page on your account. Start by clicking on the display photo in the top right corner and under account setting click on Personal Information. Click on the “Edit” button on the right of the Profile tab, and you will be able to choose a photo from several popular social networks.  There is not currently a way to upload a photo from a file - only photos from these listed sites can be uploaded at this time.
  • There is also not a way at this time to remove a profile photo all together once you have one linked; stay tuned for an update down the road for this. 
  • If you recently linked your profile photo to a social network but aren't seeing your photo everywhere on the site, we recommend clearing your browser's cache (here's a guide how) or restarting the mobile app to give your account a quick refresh. 



There are a couple of things that Craftsy's Customer Support team will need to help you with.  

Please contact us if you need to do one of the following:

  • Merge multiple/duplicate Craftsy accounts together (please send us all of your email addresses and confirm which one you'd like to use moving forward)
  • Update the currency shown in my account**
  • Fully cancel my account

**Our system displays the currency based on your location.  By law, we are required to charge you in the currency for the country in which you are in in order to pay applicable fees and taxes.  Please note that there are some circumstances in which we would be unable to change the currency in your account.  Wherever you are physically located when placing your order on Craftsy is the currency in which you will be charged. 



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