How can we help you?

Trouble hearing/seeing my class on the website

We're happy to help you to get things running smoothly. Below are a few troubleshooting tips to try for viewing classes on our full website:

  • Restart your browser: Close your browser window completely, re-open and log into Craftsy again to give your class another try. You will also want to make sure your browser is running the most up to date version. Visit this site to update your browser in a cinch.
  • Clear your browser's cache: Clearing your cache and cookies are actions that help to remove any old, stored information in your browser. This doesn't affect things like your bookmarks, homepage, or other settings. It's simply a quick tune-up that helps to ensure that things are up and running smoothly, as our browsers can get "clogged" with all of the websites we visit every day.  Learn how here.
  • Try another browser: We highly recommend Google Chrome for the best experience on Craftsy.  This is a quick and free download here.
  • Test your connection speed: We recommend a minimum speed of 10mbps in order to watch Craftsy videos. You can run a quick speed test to see where your connection is at by going here.

*Please note that if you're using a Windows Surface device, it is not compatible with the Craftsy website and we recommend using another device/computer to access Craftsy.  

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