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Finding and Watching my Classes

Our classes are online and available to you from any device with an internet connection! Once your purchase a class, it will be available to you online in your Craftsy account right away. You can watch it whenever you want, as many times as you want. It's yours for a lifetime. 

You can find your enrolled classes in your "Class Library" or by clicking on your profile picture on the top right corner and select "Class Library" from the dropdown menu.  

If you're on the mobile app, log in and tap on the "Account" icon along the bottom bar to find your Class Library.




If your classes aren't in your account, it could be for one of three reasons.

1. They may be archived

Archiving a class is a great way to remove it from your Class Library if you've already watched it or if you want to save it for later. That said, your class may have accidentally been archived. Not to worry! You can bring it back. To do this, simply visit the full or mobile site and head to your Class Library. Once you're there, select the "Show All Classes" option under "Archive" on the bottom left side of the page. Then click "Unarchive" under the class you'd like to bring back.


2. You may need to "Restore" your purchases

On the app, press the "Restore purchases" button you'll find by clicking on the Account icon, and then tap the three horizontal dots in the upper right hand corner. This will bring all your purchased classes to your account.

Please note, you'll want to make sure you are on the latest version of the app for this to work. You can make sure you have that installed by clicking here.  

3. There may be a second Craftsy account under your name out there

Double check and make sure that the email you log in with is the same on all devices and computers.  If you think you may have two accounts, our Customer Support team can get you going in a flash - we'll just need to know which email addresses may be associated with these accounts and confirmation of the email address you'd like to use with Craftsy moving forward. 





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