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How to View My Classes Offline

Craftsy offers so much more than just classes!  Our courses are designed to be interactive and mimic a real classroom experience, and for that reason they are intended to be enjoyed online.  

From a computer:

Like many other online streaming video services, Craftsy classes are available online only and cannot be downloaded to your computer for offline viewing.  You will always have lifetime access online through your Craftsy account, so you will never lose a class you've purchased. 

For iOS:

Offline access for storing individual lessons from your Craftsy classes is available for Apple devices on our iOS app - check out our article on the iOS app for more information!  

For Android:

Offline access is not available for Android devices.  Apple and Android devices operate differently; due to the complexities of the 3700+ Android devices, coupled with their removable memory chips, the option to offer offline viewing on Android devices is significantly more challenging to implement than for Apple devices - of which there are only a few dozen with closed-system programming and memory. Our developers are hard at work to determine whether Craftsy classes can be successfully and safely offered offline on Android devices, but for now, it continues to be streaming only.

In the event of any changes to this feature, we'll be sure to let our members know! We know there are many Android Craftsy members out there who would love this feature!

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