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Class Features and Navigation

Here are the ins and outs of enjoying your Craftsy classes!



  • Navigating Between Lessons: Craftsy classes give you the flexibility to watch your lessons in any order you please. From your desktop or laptop, click on the Lessons tab near the top left corner of your screen. A drop down list will appear; scroll through it and click on the lesson you’d like to view.  From the mobile site or through the App, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your screen. A drop down list will appear where you can continue to tap on the lesson you'd like to watch.  


  • Class Discussions: With Craftsy, you can post a question in the class and get a response from the instructor as well as fellow students! Please note that all free classes are student-led.  From your computer, click on the Discussions tab along the orange bar on the top of the video player.  From the mobile app, tap on the icon of the speech bubble to post a question. When you receive a reply, you'll receive a notification! Our instructors will respond to all student questions within about a week.

  • Class Materials: From your computer, click on the Materials tab along the orange bar on top of the video player.  Simply click to download the digital PDFs to your computer to save and print at your convenience.  From the mobile app, tap on the icon of the sheet of paper with lines on it.  Simply tap to download the PDFs to your device.

  • Class Notes: From your computer, you can add a note in the area just below the volume bar, or click on Notes along the orange bar at the top of the video player.  Your note will be saved at the timestamp in the lesson, so you can always find your spot!  From the mobile app, with your device held vertically, tap on the icon of the pen to jot down your notes.

  • 30 Second Repeat: From your computer, you'll find the 30-second repeat option in the bottom left corner of the video player above the volume bar.  You'll see an orange button to turn the repeat off when you're done.  From the mobile app, tap on the icon of the arrows in a circle on right; the icon will turn orange when the repeat is on. Simply tap again to turn it off.

  • Speed Adjust: You can choose to view a class, or perhaps just a section of a lesson, up to 2x faster or 2x slower than normal speed - whatever you need to get the technique down!  From the full site, you'll see the option labeled Normal Speed just above the volume bar; just hover your mouse to see the options to speed up or slow down the class.  Simply click again and choose "normal speed" to return.  From our mobile app, this option will marked by the timer icon - please note this feature is only available on our iOS app and not the Android app.  Android users can log into Craftsy from their browser to use this feature.  

  • Closed Captioning: Closed captioning is currently only available on our full site and not on our mobile apps. From your computer, hover your mouse over the volume bar of the video player and the CC option will be on the bottom right corner.  


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