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How Craftsy Classes Work

What is a Craftsy class?

Craftsy offers online crafting classes, taught by world-renowned instructors who love the craft as much as you do. You have lifetime online access to your Craftsy classes - just log into your Craftsy account from any device with an internet connection to start viewing.

There are no scheduled class times, so you can enjoy them entirely on your own schedule, as well as view them as many times as you'd like. Each class is taught by an expert instructor and consists of several hours of high-definition (HD) video content, but Craftsy classes are much more than just videos!

What are some features of Craftsy classes?

  • Ask your instructor questions, get personalized responses, view and share projects
  • Participate in discussions with your classmates
  • Access supporting class materials - including digital PDF patterns, recipes and templates
  • Bookmark your favorite moments in the video so that you can easily re-watch them and take video notes that you can refer back to anytime

Do you have classes on DVD?

A small selection of our online catalogue is now available on DVD! If you purchase a class on DVD, instead of receiving downloadable materials, you'll find all the of templates, patterns and guides you need included with the disk that's shipped to you. If a class is available on DVD, you will have the option to select "DVD" on the sale page. 

What if a class isn't right for me? 

We want you to be thrilled with all of your Craftsy classes! Learn about our Happiness Guarantee here.



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