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Craftsy Membership gives you unlimited access to 6,000 hours of expert video tutorials for nearly every craft, taught by the world's top instructors! We offer a monthly plan or an annual plan for this subscription. The prices for the monthly plan are: 

USD $14.99
CAD $18.99
AUD $18.99
EUR €14.99
GBP £12.99
NZD $19.99
The prices for the annual plan are: 
USD $120
CAD $150
Currently, our annual plan is only available in the US and Canada due to legal restrictions in other areas. As we expand this option it will become available in more areas, so keep an eye out here to see when this is added! 
A note on taxes:
US members: You'll see a monthly charge of $14.99 plus taxes, which vary by state.
Non US members: All prices listed above are inclusive of VAT and other taxes. 
A note on currency:
Your currency will be based on the zip code associated with your credit card or PayPal account. If you believe you were not charged in the current currency where you currently reside, please reach out to our support team.
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