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How to Troubleshoot Playing or Hearing Videos

If you’re having trouble hearing or seeing your class as expected, you’ll find some troubleshooting tips outlined below depending on your device. Not sure if your device or system is supported, checkout the Craftsy System Requirements.

Regardless of device, Craftsy classes are higher quality than some other videos you might stream on the internet and require a high speed internet connection to play smoothly.

We recommend a minimum speed of 10mbps. You can check your speed for free here.

If your speed is below 10mbps, we recommend calling your internet provider to ensure you’re getting the speeds you expect and to see what options you have. If your speed is over 10mbps and you’re still having trouble, here are your next steps:

From a computer or mobile browser

Restart your browser

  • Close your browser window completely, re-open and log into Craftsy again to give your class another try. You will also want to make sure your browser is running the most up to date version, you can visit this site to update your browser.

Try another browser

  • We highly recommend Google Chrome for the best experience on Craftsy.  This is a quick and free download here.

Clear your browser's cache

  • Clearing your cache and cookies are actions that help to remove any old, stored information in your browser. This doesn't affect things like your bookmarks, homepage, or other settings. It's simply a quick tune-up that helps to ensure that things are up and running smoothly, as our browsers can get "clogged" with all of the websites we visit every day.  Learn how here.

From the Craftsy Membership App

Update Your App

  • iOS: Open the iTunes App Store > Click “Updates” on the bottom > Locate the Craftsy Membership App and click Update
  • Android: Open the Google Play Store > Slide open the left menu > Open Settings > Turn on Auto Update Apps

Close and Restart

  • iOS: Double tap the home button > Locate the Craftsy app and drag it up and off your screen to close it > Power off your iPad/iPhone and leave it off for 60 seconds> Turn back on and reopen the app
  • Android: Tap the Overview button (this is often a simple square or an icon that resemble two rectangles overlapping each other. It may be on the bottom of the screen or a  physical button) > Scroll to find the Craftsy app > Drag the app off the screen to close it

Delete and Re-download

  • iOS: From the home screen, press and hold any app until they all wiggle > tap the “x” on the Craftsy app to delete > Re-download the app from the App Store.
  • Android: Open Settings > Tap Apps> Tap on the Craftsy App > Click UNINSTALL > Tap OK > Re-download the app from the Google Play Store
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