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System Requirements for Streaming Content

Here is what you’ll need to successfully stream Craftsy content:


A download speed of at least 10.0 Mbps.  Test your speed for free.

Craftsy videos will generally take about 380MB for 20 minutes of streaming video at the highest resolution and about 110MB for 20 minutes streaming at the lowest resolution.

Have at least 10mbps and still having trouble? Try our troubleshooting tips.


In order to play our videos (all coded in HTLM5 format) you’ll need an up to date operating system and browser. The latest versions of the following web browsers are supported, listed in order of our recommendation:

Google Chrome



Microsoft Edge 

You must be on one of the two most recent versions of your browser in order to have the best experience possible on Craftsy.  Not sure what you’re using? Find your current browser and upgrade if not up to date.



For the iOS membership app, you'll need to be running iOS version 9.35 or higher and have at least 16.8 MB of space on your device. You can find the iOS membership app in the App Store


For the Android membership app, you'll need to be running Android version 4.4 (Kit Kat) or higher, and have at least 25.32 MB of space on your device. The Android membership app can be found in the Google Play store.

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