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Supported Devices

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Apple / iOS

What does "supported" mean? 

The Craftsy site may work on a range of devices; however, it’s recommended that you use a “supported” device. A supported device means that the Craftsy site has been tested, and approved, to allow the best experience while using the specific device. 

How do I tell what device I'm on?

iOS - You can see details about your Apple Device and iOS version within your device settings, and instructions for this can be found here
Android - Information about your Android device and software version can be found within the settings menu on your device, and specific instructions on this can be found here.
Computer - If you're using a computer, you'll want to check what browser you're on. You can do so by clicking here.

If your device and browser are supported, you can find further video troubleshooting steps here


To make sure that you have the best possible Crafting experience, please ensure that you are on one of the following browsers and versions.

 Safari  Version 9 or higher
 MS Edge  Version 14 or higher
 Firefox  Version 52 or higher
 Chrome  Version 57 or higher 



In general, Android devices that run OS 4.4 (Kit Kat) or higher and are using an updated browser are compatible with our site. You can learn more about how to check or update your Android OS here.


Apple / iOS

In general, Apple devices that run iOS 9.3.5 and are using an updated browser are compatible with our site. To learn how to update your iOS version, you can go here.

*Special note for iPad users during our All You Can Watch Day Promo: If you experience any trouble with your video playing, you may need to tap the play button more than once. 


The following devices are not compatible regardless of iOS version due to limited support for the iOS or the age of the device: 

 iPhone 1-4   Unsupported
 Original iPad   Unsupported
 iPad 2  Unsupported 
 iPad Mini 1 and 2  Unsupported




The Craftsy site is designed to run smoothly on the most current two versions of Windows (8 and 10) and Mac (9 and 10) operating systems. If you are using an operating system that is older than this, we would highly recommend updating to a more current version. There are also some types of OS which are not supported at this time. 

 Microsoft Surface   Unsupported
 Linux   Unsupported
 Chrome OS   Partially supported - our site is designed to work with the Chrome  browser, but site functions are not fully supported on Chrome's OS.



There are a wide variety of devices and platforms for interacting with the internet available in the world today, and we aren't always able to accommodate all of these. The following devices are not supported. You may be able to access Craftsy content on these devices, but as our site and apps are not designed to interact with them, this may not give you the best experience and some features may not work. 

 Kindle, all models  Unsupported
 Windows phone, all models  Unsupported


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