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Reviews on Craftsy

Writing a Great Review
The best reviews are personal and detailed...even better if you share a tip or two! A great place to start is to think about what you would have wanted to know when you were considering purchase of your class, kit, supply or pattern. Writing a great review at Craftsy means you are writing something for other makers - including photos (or videos!) to visually tell the story is even better.
Please note that reviews can only be submitted from the website at this time (not yet via iOS or Android app). Once a review has been submitted, it cannot be edited.
Rejected Reviews
We want to include your review on our site! Here are the most common reasons a review might be rejected by our 3rd party moderators:
  • person writing the review has not purchased/used the product
  • review is a message for our customer service team asking for help. If you need help, you can find us here.
  • the review contains personally identifiable information
Additionally, reviews with unrelated photos/videos, specific mention of prices, direct mention of competitors or other spam content can be rejected. Note that a negative review that is otherwise appropriate and relevant will not be hidden, suppressed, edited, or deleted.
Review Authenticity
We work with a 3rd party to moderate reviews - please feel free to review their policy here if you have additional questions or concerns:
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